keith my furnace guy - Questions and answers
Q U E S T I O N S 

1/ How often do you clean furnaces?

2/ How often do you clean ducts and vent? 

3/ Should I hire an experienced company ?

4/ Who does the work at Keith MY furnace guy?

5/ Do You sell  to earn commission ??

6/ Can you sanitize my vents and ducts?

7/ Do you clean dryer vents.

8/ Do you install air conditioners 

9/ How long are appointments for furnace vent and duct cleanings??

10/ We are buying a house and need an inspection before making an offer.....what is the cost...

11/ WHY are you better than all other  companies ??

A N S W E R S 

1       Yearly

2    Depending upon filter changes and if you have pets every year or two.

3      Yes, most companies have inexperienced glorified salesman with no technical school training, apprenticeship training background.

4     Keith does. I am the owner and only employee.
I have 31 years experience am licensed, insured and registered as well as award winning.

5      NO. As an owner operator I do not sell or markup prices to earn commission.

6     Yes, I use Benefect Organic sanitizer and fog it into the system. I do not use man made deodorizer which lasts about an hour.

7    yes, ground level only.
 Rooftop vents I refer out.
8        Yes.

9        2 hours or more

10     FREE

11    I am a no rush service.

where most companies brag about fast appointment times I ask

They offer 45 minutes to 1 hour appointments and my appointments range from 90 minutes to 3 hours depending upon difficulty of the job.

 I clean each side of the system independently which takes longer and can identify more issues with the performance of your furnace, vents and ductwork.

using superior methods and newer equipment with 33 years of experience makes me better. 

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